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Interview: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

The J-Pop Harajuku Kawaii Amabassador, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is performing in Sydney, Australia on the 23rd of March as part of her current world tour. Japandaman HQ was lucky enough to snag a few minutes of her precious time for an email interview which she graciously agreed to. Many thanks to Katey Smile for assistance with the questions, Handsome Tours and Angela Henley Publicity.

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Japandaman: Are you excited to come to Australia?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Yes very much! This will be my first time in Australia so I am very excited to meet local fans! I’ve never been to the Southern hemisphere so I am wondering if the climate is really opposite from what we have in Japan. Last but not least I would love to see sharks and koalas!

J: Who are your current influences?

KPP: I just love Katy Perry. Her cuteness is just perfect in every way. She is also a very humorous and kind person. Of course I respect her very much as an artist.

J: What is your favourite music video and song that you’ve released?

KPP: “Mottai-Nightland” video expresses the world of fantasy I love so much. On the other hand “Fashion Monster” is the very first video that I could express rock and the world’s quite different from the colourful popness like in other videos. Still it is very hard to pick which one is the best though.


J: What is your favourite costume that you’ve worn?

KPP: I love the Fashion Monster costume. I tend to wear quite colourful and ‘full of pop’ costumes but with Fashion Monster I wanted to challenge something rock and cool so I feel very attached to the costume.

fashion monster

J: Did you think you would end up being this sucessful when you started on You Tube?

KPP: I haven’t expected anything like this when I first uploaded the “PON PON PON” video on you tube. So I was honestly surprised to see the attention from overseas. I feel very fortunate that people find out about me on the Internet and they come see me on stage when I am touring their local cities for the first time.

J: Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

KPP: I cannot imagine to collaborate with anyone yet.


J: You have many fans that don’t speak Japanese but love your music, why do you think this is so?

KPP: I sing mostly in Japanese but the lyrics really don’t have a clear meaning. You can just enjoy the way it sounds. I think that’s why people enjoy my music even if they don’t speak Japanese or they are too young to understand the language.

kyary concert

J: How do you come up with the ideas for your clothes and music videos?

KPP: I get a lot of inspiration when I am going through the Internet. I pick up some pictures or videos I liked and I just talk with my stylist. Often our discussion starts with me drawing my images.

J: What else would you like to achieve through your music?

KPP: I want to achieve a lot of things through my music and fashion. Other than that I am not really interested. I just don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades.

kyary singing

J: Outside of music, what’s next for you with your fashion projects?

KPP: I always want to design a costume like no one has ever seen. It is boring to keep doing the same things so I want to keep challenging new things.

Kyary, thank you so much for your time. We at Japandaman and all our readers appreciate it and wish you all the best with your world tour.

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Arigatou gozaimasu!

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Lego Hatsune Miku

Yep, that’s right and really, it was only a matter of time. Combining his love of Lego and the popular vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, ChaosBrick has managed to painstakingly bring to life a Lego version of Hatsune Miku. Starting back in October last year and only finishing the face in February, he’s managed to make amazing progress and complete it by April 15th.

Lego Miku 1

He ran into a few snags here and there especially when putting together the top body with the legs which ended up reworking her skirt and signature pig tails but it all came together nicely in the end.

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Lawson Announces Arpeggio of Blue Steel Collaboration

Here’s another cross collaboration involving a convenience store franchise and an anime series. Running between April 22nd and May 5th, Lawson and Arpeggio of Blue Steel will team up for a promotion that will see some awesome goodies up for grabs.

blue steel logo


Just by purchasing a drink, you’ll be able to pick up a  vinyl teddy Kirishima in store uniform, clear file, signed tapestry, tickets for a live event starring Trident – the actress unit put together for the series with Mai Fuchigami (Iona), Manami Numakura (Takao), and Hibiku Yamamura (Haruna) or a t-shirt and beach cushion.

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New Screenshots For The Evil Within

Great day for fans of the survival horror genre with some new screenshots released for forthcoming game, The Evil Within.  There’s an air of excitement for this game, not forgetting that it’s from the grandfather of survival horror, Shinji Mikami.

evil within

The game is being released on multiplatform from PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It lands in North America on 26th of August and Europe on August 29th.

evangelion asuka rei

Sony Evangelion Walkman Update

We featured a piece on Sony releasing Evangelion branded walkmans a while back, today we give you an update on this exciting release with more information and specifications.

They release on April 24th and will be available in 3 different from the Android WALKMAN F series “NW-F887 (64GB).

eva walkman 1

Here are the 3 different flavours which will be available at launch:

NW-F887/EVA1 - ¥43,000
This version features one of three Rebuild of Evangelion soundtrack albums installed

NW-F887/EVA3 - ¥51,000
All three album are installed

NW-F887/EVA3 with special earphone - ¥87,000
The Hi-Res audio compatible inner ear receiver “XBA-H3″ is also included

You can even select the rear image for the walkman to be based on the same one that Shinji uses on his DAT player in the series.

eva walkman 2

The players support FLAC, HE-AAC support and, like the E series, plays MP3, WMA, L-PCM, and AAC format audio. There’s also the option to integrate it with Sony’s Music Unlimited service.


Young Tomboy Figure Of Super Sonico Launches

And now for a really cute figure update. Good Smile Company have just opened up orders for this amazingly cute figure of a young Super Sonico as a tomboy model. GSC are handling the distribution responsibilities for designer of the figure, Wing.

Tom Sonico 2

The design of the figure comes from the inside sleeve of the PC game, Sonicomi. The figure as in the illustration of the first print run game sees Sonico making a mess of things with cake all over her hands. The figure is fully posable and she bends at the waist so you’re able to sit her down.

Here are the all important low down on the specs!

Product Name
Super Sonico: Young Tomboy Ver. (すーぱーそにこ “おてんばようしょうき”)

Super Sonico


Articulated Figure

¥7,300 (Before Tax)

Release Date

Specifications   Painted non-scale articulated PVC figure with stand included. Approximately 135mm in height while standing. (95mm sitting)

Hisatake Kiyama (Hyper Space)

Released by

Distributed by
Good Smile Company


Ace Attorney 123 Wright Selection First Look

As the heading says, here’s your first look at the awesome Ace Attorney Nintendo 3DS collection bound for Japan, Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection.

The video is courtesy of blogger, NintenDaan and if you’re in Japan, make sure you snap up this collection which launched yesterday.


The Gundam Train Rolls Into Japan

Japan taking their love of all things mech to the next level have produced something pretty cool. We’ve seen the massive 1:1 ratio scale model of the Gundam in Odaiba but now there’s something new to ooh and ahh over.


Ready for it? A Gundam train. Nankai Electric Railways connecting the largest city in central Japan, Osaka with the Kansai Airport have commemorated the mobility this service provides by joining forces with Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The new train draws inspiration from the villain, Full Frontal, being that villains consistently outrank the good guys in terms of popularity.

full frontal

Taking the existing Nankai Tokyu Rapi:t express train and rebranding it as the (deep breath), Mobile Suit Gundam UC Tokyu Rapi:t Return of the Red Comet Tokyu Rapi:t Neo Zeon.

gundam train

The new train will be rolled out from April 26 and will connect people to and from Namba Station, found in downtown Osaka on the Nankai Main line all the way to the Kansai Airport Station, on the Airport Line.

gundam train seats

Fancy train seats!

You can’t take the seats home unfortunately but there are these limited edition tickets for the first 5000 people which carry the Rapi:t tickets featuring the Neo Zeon crest plus the cast and mecha of Gundam Unicorn. The train will run until June 30 so make sure you don’t miss out!

pokemon range

Pokemon Bento Box

Now here’s an awesomely cool way to carry your lunch around, whether to work or to school. Amazon Japan have just started taking orders for this Pokemon bento box which consists of a Pokemon sphere bento, a carry bag and a strap to keep it all together.

poke bento 1


The Pokemon bento set will sell for ¥3, 500 while a set of themed chopsticks will set you back ¥1, 000 so you can be totally decked like the Pokemon professional you are.

poke chopsticks

poke bento 2

poke bento 3


Final Fantasy XIV PS4 launch trailer

Here’s one that a lot of people have been waiting for. The trailer for the PS4 launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn which launches worldwide tomorrow.

Don’t forget that if you’re an existing PS3 owner of the game, you can upgrade to the PS4 version for free. Click here for more details.


PS Vita Receives Date For BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

Great news for fans of the BlazBlue series with the latest entry to the series receiving a launch date. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma for the PS Vita will be launching in North America on June 24.

BlazBlue Vita

All your favourites from the PS3 version are in there with an enhanced Abyss mode, revamped story mode and a recap section which touches on BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

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