Dragon Quest X To Appear On Wii & Wii U


Square Enix recently wrapped up their press conference, transcript can be found here, where they finally confirmed that Dragon Quest X is indeed in the works and will be releasing some point in 2012. For a difference, the game will be developed internally by SE as opposed to handing it off to a 3rd party developer like Chunsoft or Level-5 which has happened before. They also revealed that Yuji Hori, Koichi Sugiyama and Akira Toriyama will be returning and reprising their roles as designer, composer and character designer. While the game had been announced as being developed a while ago, before the DS version released in fact, another bit of news they announced is that there will be version for the next generation console, the Wii U. Dragon Quest X will be an online RPG with players able to make their own teams with other players where they’ll all ber able to see each other in the online world.

DQX will also see some compatibility with the 3DS although how exactly it will be used wasn’t revealed but game designer, Yuji Hori, hinted that you may be able to download your character to the 3DS to be used with the exchange of data during Spot Pass. In closing the press conference, Hori mentioned that while the game is due for 2012, some players may get invited to a beta test by Square Enix. Information on this will be announced shortly.

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