Nintendo To Announce New Games At Conference

One of the events that I have to cover or even mention on here is the conference that Nintendo will be holding next week in Japan a few days before the TGS shenanigans kick off. Simply called the Nintendo Conference, it is due to take place next Tuesday September 15 behind closed doors for a select group. In the past, this conference has been used for new major announcements, hardware of software related.

This conference will be focusing on nothing but 3DS related news so we should expect some more quality titles to start making an appearance on Nintendo’s handheld console.

Hachimaki, a Japanese blog, has hinted at a few possibilities, all of them awesome. First up there’s a side scrolling adventure starring stable favourite, Yoshi being developed by Good-Feel who last helmed, “Kirby’s Epic Yarn”, which got great reviews. It just gets better with the revelation that a fifth Ace Attorney game is in the works featuring Miles Edgeworth is being developed as we speak. Another oldie but goodie is something new from Nintendo’s very own WarioWare Studio and from Atlus, a new “Etrian Odyssey” game are both expected to be announced. Quite a few in quick succession now, we can expect to be hearing about a game starring everyone’s favourite Vocaloid sensation, Hatsune Miku, Umineko developer Alchemist will have something to show, Namco’s “God Eater” and “The Silver Case” from Grasshopper which started off life as a DS title.

Baten Kaitos: Silence Of A Mechanised Son and Mach Rider Unchained are both set to be announced and in more Monster Hunter 3G news, Nintendo are expected to reveal that the game will support online play…awesome!

The 3DS eStore will be receiving an overhaul as well with news that 3DS demos will start to appear online with Super Mario Land 3D being a possibility for a first title to receive a demo. The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords, last mentioned at E3 as being a free download is expected to finally receive a date as to when this will happen.

As with all good things, don’t take these news as gospel but seeing as how some have come to fruition already then there’s quite possibly truth in some, if not all, the news. Either way, there’s some great content inbound for the 3DS, we just have to keep waiting just that bit longer!

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