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PS Vita Launch Japan Wrap Up

The PS Vita is now well and truly in the hands of thousands of lucky Japanese gamers across the land and we have some great pics from the various launches that different outlets held across the many outlets. Conditions were freezing and quite chilly but this didn’t stop eager gamers from queueing up from as late as the previous night in terrible weather. Still a little cold wind and rain can’t keep a fanboy or girl away.

The store counters doing great business Saturday morning at the Vita launch in Japan

The Ground Zero for Otakus everywhere, Akihabara, drew the biggest crowds as Yodobashi Camera with 200 or so people in the line by 6AM, this despite the fact that public transport via trains hadn’t started yet. By the time the store opened at 8AM, numbers had ballooned to between 500 and 600. The lucky person at the front of the queue had been waiting since 9PM the previous night.

Yodobashi Camera, Shinjuku

Other outlets across Japan didn’t quite boast so many number but the Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku still managed to attract 120 people by opening time at 8AM.

A big launch attracts big names and this was  no different withSony VP Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan CEO Hiroshi Kawano all making an appearance at the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. On top of that, Kaz Hirai and Andrew House also managed a ninja run over to the Bic Camera at Yurakucho to put in a special appearance surprising many of the gamers who were in attendance.

However the main event of the day was the launch over at Shibuya at the Tsutaya outlet which saw the VIP’s address the waiting audience, show off some videos of the Vita in action and were on hand to present the first person in the queue with the first Vita sold in Japan.

Kaz Hirai
Andrew House
Hirai & House showing the greatest hits of Vita
Andrew House presents the first person in the queue with his PS Vita
For some reason, he wouldn't give his name!
Taking a pic to remember the occasion

Some pics from across Japan advertising the PS Vita and launch day

This lucky punter walked away with what appears to be the entire launch software!
Good grief...he'll be busy for hours indoors with this collection

Inside the box

The PS Vita is in the wild...will you catch one?
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