Wii U Rumours Aplenty

It’s still early days but the rumour mill is in over drive over at Neogaf where a forum member has taken it upon himself to quote his beliefs on the resolution for the Wii U games, what resolution the Wii U controller will be running at plus a whole heap more that you can catch for yourself below.

  • 720p seems to be the sweet spot for definition with games running Wii U controller-intensive visuals
  • Wii U controller handles 480p
  • Wii U controller allows for viewing of on-TV action from another angle in some games
  • Seems that there are some third-party ports using this idea for gameplay
  • V5 dev kit is a little more powerful than V4, but doesn’t make for 1080p in these situations
  • Games can benefit from a slight visual boost over 360/PS3 and may run at a higher resolution
  • More simple titles may be able to run 1080p in conjunction with the controller
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