Want The Rarest 3DS Ever Made?

Hardware Japan

The 3DS has already had the Zelda Limited edition come out and soon enough there will be a 3DS unit based on Kingdom Hearts as well. But now there’s news that what could potentially be one of the rarest 3DS units to ever be produced will be seeing a release in Japan.

Coro Coro, which is a monthly magazine in Japan, will be celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and in order to celebrate in grand style, Nintendo is teaming up with Coro Coro to produce the 3DS unit seen below.

The image of the unit above is taken from a preview page on the Coro Coro website, if you want to know when the unit will be released and how you could be lucky enough to get your hands on one, there’ll be more info in the next magazine which is released on April 14.

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