Monster Hunter Puzzler For PSP

Famitsu magazine have dropped an unexpected surprise on readers in Japan recently with the announcement that a new puzzle game from the Monster Hunter franchise is bound for the Sony PSP.

The magazine has had an early look at ‘Airu de Puzuruu’, a puzzle game based around the popular Felynes seen in the Monster Hunter games. In Japan, the Felynes are known as Airu’s. The game will be hitting stores on July 19 and will retail for ¥2,990 which is dirt cheap considering that the usual price for a PSP game is ¥5,040 or ¥2,700 or you’re talking about a digital download.

Early reports suggest that the game is in the style of classic Capcom puzzle game, ‘Puzzle Fighter’ but featuring Monster Hunter characters. The game will also include costume changes, albums and is also been developed with beginner players in mind

Earlier in the month, Famitsu teased about a mystery game but if this is that game is unknown as this point.

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