Namco Bandai Teases Wii U TGS Announcement

Games Japan

So far we haven’t heard much about Nintendo’s next gen console, the Wii U, making a splash at this year’s Tokyo Game Show but recently a little tease has been revealed on their portal site. A visitor to the site noticed that all the Wii games had the following image to represent them: , seen on this link (

The same netizen then added a “U” to the end of it and got this: , as in this link (

Now we know that their portal site still has some Coming Soon games, could it possibly be a Wii U they’ve been working on? Or it could be nothing and just be an assorted array of images copied into the folder by a staff member. I’m sure we’ll find out soon with TGS only a couple of weeks away now. Nintendo will not be at TGS however third party developers have confirmed Wii U games such as Square Enix bringing Wii U Dragon Quest X to the party.


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