Theatrical Teaser For Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge Hits Online


Sunday saw the release of a teaser trailer for Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rogue on the movie’s official site. The character, Kurapika, will be the focus of the movie who becomes a Hunter and seeks vengeance on the Phantom Troupe who are responsible for the murder and massacre clan.

The film has been noted for having an original script with in a “dramatic action” film. Making their appearance in the movie will be the Phantom Troupe while the “Rogue” in the movie’s title refers to the Kurta Clan and the red eyes that they possess, also the clan which Kurapika hails from.

This movie marks the first for the Hunter X Hunter series and looks set to debut in Japanese theatres on January 12, 2013. So sit back and enjoy the teaser trailer below.

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