Hatsune Miku Breaks Through 230K Sales

Games Japan

Sega have released some impressive figures on the runaway success of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for the PS Vita. As recent as late September, Sega were reporting figures like 186,000 units had been sold of the title. Today we hear that the figure has broken through 230,000 units as reported by Sega during an earnings report recently.

We don’t know what the breakdown of the sales are as in digital copies from the PSN as opposed to a store purchased physical copy of the game. We can report that at the game’s launch, digital sales were accounting for 10% of the sales figures. The game will next be making an appearance on the PS3 where the title will be slightly changed. The lowercase ‘f’ will be changed to an uppercase ‘F’, there will be six new songs added to the roster as well new modes, customisation items and new modules to be added.


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