Japan Leads World’s Healthiest Country Poll

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010, which ran for 10 years, was a study into looking at diseases and health issues in over 187 nations. The results which were recently announced and released to the rest of the world which shows the nations that have the highest life spans for their citizens. And, drum roll please, Japan has come out on top in all areas for males and females.


Japan has actually won this accolade before, back in 1990, and below you can see how other countries fared in the study.

Highest Male Healthy Life Expectancy (by country):


1. Japan
2. Singapore
3. Switzerland
4. Spain
5. Italy
6. Australia
7. Canada
8. Andorra
9. Israel
10. South Korea


Highest Female Healthy Life Expectancy (by country):
1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Spain
4. Singapore
5. Taiwan
6. Switzerland
7. Andorra
8. Italy
9. Australia
10. France

So everyone wondering what the secret to long life is? Is it the great ramen, the clean fresh fish? Who knows but secret to the Fountain of Youth could be just a flight away.

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