A Quick One On One With Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has jetted into North America as part of her World Tour and is currently in Los Angeles. As well as her concert commitments, she also had time to fulfil a guest of honour role at a “Cool Japan” function held at the swanky residence of the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles.

A pocketful of politicians made impromptu speeches, as well as Government staff and of course the media was on hand to capture all the action, after which Patrick Macias from Cunchyroll was able to snag some exclusive one on one time with the Harajuku Kawaii Ambassador herself.

Crunchyroll: Now that you are on your world tour, how would you describe your fans around the globe? What kind of people are they?
Kyary Pamyu Payu: I think they are really fashionable girls all around the world who really like Harajuku.


What are some of the most memorable things that have happened on your world tour so far?
Just before every gig, the audience all chants “Kyary! Kyary! Kyary!” and that’s the most memorable thing for me at the moment.


How does it feel personally when you hear that sound?
I get a lot of energy from it and it makes me want to go for it.


What’s in the future for you later this year?
This year, after this world tour, I’ll be working on a lot of songs. After that, hopefully I’ll do another world tour.


Do you have a message for your fans around the world?
I’d like to do a 2nd and 3rd world tour and continue to be a performing artist so please everyone, support me!

And then it concluded with the interviewer receiving her business card, some people have all the luck! And below, as a bonus, you’ll find the latest GU commercial that Kyary has done.

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