Blood Drive Teams Up With Fate/Zero Gilgamesh Offer


Tokushima City will be holding their annual blood drive soon and development studio based in the area, ufotable, are getting ready for their Machi✩Asobi biannual anime/manga/game. The studio, who have Fate/zero in their resume, will be hoping to tap into the Otakus for their assistance with the blood drive. In the past, they have used Ryunosuke and Saber posters to deliver the message however for this year they’ll be using a Gilgamesh clearfile and poster.

poster used from last year - Fate/zero
poster used from last year – Fate/zero


Another poster from last year with Saber
Another poster from last year from Fate/zero

During the Golden Week event, a blood mobile will be temporarily set up at Tokushima Station.

Gilgamesh clearfile
Gilgamesh clearfile
Gilgamesh poster
Gilgamesh poster
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