Rubber duck takes over Osaka


Residents and visitors to Osaka were confronted by a strange recently…a huge inflatable rubber duck occupying the area where the Nakanoshima Gate is. It’s only there for one week and its being created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. To tie in with the event, a local hotel has come to the party and are offering special duck themed meals.

It’s called the Duck Plate and they’re only serving up 20 a day making it extremely limited. ¥2,000 will get you a quiche, salad, vegetables, soup of the day and a delicious dessert. But the best is yet to come, you also receive an omelet looking like a rubber duck filled with yummy rice. The inflatable ducky has come to Osaka before and if you’re in town, best you hurry along to it. It’s only there until October 18 and open until 10:00PM. You can have a look at the inflation of the rubber ducky which took place last year.

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