Gaming Life in Japan ~ 11/11/13 – 17/11/13

Very late this week due to some top secret shenanigans going on at Japandaman HQ but here we are again with Gaming Life in Japan! Because it’s very late in the week, let’s jump straight in to the top sellers.

This week saw a new entry into the hardware line up for Sony and that was reflected across the board in the software and hardware charts. Looking at software sees the Playstation brand having some domination with 6 titles. The top seller this week was Namco Bandai’s God Eater 2 on the PS Vita shifting over 266K units. Call of Duty: Ghosts was 2nd for the PS3 while Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 from Konami, also on PS3, took out the 3rd spot. Another fan favourite for the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter 4, is still hanging around currently sitting in the 7th spot. Pokemon X and Y are still doing strong business in Japan with just under 3 million total sales in Japan, that sees it take out the middle position in the 5th spot.



The hardware chart tells a very interesting story though. Don’t worry, the 3DS is still in the top spot but only just this week. No doubt pushed along by the release of God Eater 2, the Vita saw sales this week of 46,350 units which only just puts it behind the 3DS XL by 1502 units and actually ahead of the regular 3DS model. The other new hardware to make an entrance is the PS Vita TV which sees it enter the hardware charts in the 3rd position with sales over over 47k units. This places the regular 3DS model in 4th position, a spot where it hasn’t been before from recent memory. Nintendo’s home console, the Wii U, saw a slip in sales but still managed to shift more than 15,000 units. It’s not too large a fall from the previous week of 17,000 units.


What will happen when the new charts come out? Will Sony still be riding the success of God Eater 2 and the PS Vita TV or do you think things will return to their normal pace? We’ll let you know!

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