Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Dated For Japan


Hugely popular anime, Sword Art Online, has a game in the works for the Sony PS Vita. The carries the title of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment which was recently given a release date of April 24, 2014. In the game, you’ll control Kirito and you traverse am unknown part of the Hollow Area, part of the reborn Aincrad. Along the way, you’ll encounter Filia, a strange new character with voice provided by the same actor who voices Mikasa from Attack on Titan, Yui Ishikawa.

soa game 1soa game 2

Kirito will be able to be completely customised from hairstyle to a completely different look and even a name change. You can also create a unique and strong partnership with Asuna ranging from holding hands through some parts of the game to being able to carry her through some parts of the game. There will also be a first person mode where you’ll be able to see the world through Kirito’s perspective.

soa game 3

4 player ad hoc multiplayer will also be available when completed.

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