A Look At Monster Hunter Through The Years

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The Monster Hunter fraternity is all abuzz with the news of the recent announcement around Monster Hunter 4G in Japan. It’s also the Monster Hunter series’ 10th year anniversary. To mark the event, Capcom have put together the nostalgic video below which is quite impressive.

The video outlines all the intro cinematics, in-game cinematics and promo clips that have been released for the Monster Hunter games from the first installment on PS2 all the way up to Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a long video at over 1 hour long but Monster Hunter aficionados will lap it up.

On top of this awesome video for the anniversary, Capcom will be teaming up with Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. From February 1, 2014, they will be having life scale replicas of the monsters seen in the games. The event is called “Monster Hunter the Real 2014″ and anyone travelling to Japan this year might want to add a side trip to their agenda.

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