The Next Level: Yuri on Ice will return on the big screen!

Our favourite ice skater boys will return bigger and better than ever….ON THE BIG SCREEN!

Today was a big day for the ‘Yuri on Ice’ fandom as it was officially announced that there is a theatrical production in the works that will be released very soon. It was announced at the Yuri on Ice stage show currently happening in Japan and fans were lucky to hear the announcement. Many fans speculated that the major announcement was going to be a new season, however at the show they announced the Blu-Ray of the stage show (which will also be released later this year) but that a movie was indeed happening.

We are incredibly excited here at Japandaman (we are tragic fans of the show) and look forward to the new movie! If you haven’t seen the show go and check it out now on Crunchroll or Funimation.

For more information on the announcement check out the official website 

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