Puma X Hello Kitty Collaboration

Regular readers of Japandaman.com will know that if it’s one thing we love here are the many and varied collaborations with different brands that constantly spring up in Japan. And this new one looks particularly awesome, it’s a joint venture between sneaker manufacturer, Puma and everyone’s favourite feline, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

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New Yuri On Ice Merch Hits Japan

Fan of ice skating anime, Yuri On Ice, who after more while the long wait for season two begins, can take comfort in some new merchandise released in Japan that will make the wait that bit more bearable. Newly released from ACOS are some garments that will suit anyone yearning to live our their Yuri Plisetsky dreams. You can pick up this little number from … Continue reading New Yuri On Ice Merch Hits Japan

New Hair Salon In Akihabara Caters For Anime Fans

Akihabara is the place where anything and everything goers down for the otaku. And now, for something different, a new hair salon has opened which caters to anime fans. The salon is called OFF-KAi!! and it’s been open since October 1, 2016. This hair salon plays various songs from different anime’s to pass the time as you wait for your cut and the staff being anime … Continue reading New Hair Salon In Akihabara Caters For Anime Fans

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Lingerie

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday…lingerie crossing over into the world of anime. Specifically, a series that has a massive fanbase, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. These sets are based around the two characters, Sayaka and Kyoko. Eager eyes will notice that the lingerie matches the principal colours of the characters as well. Sayaka’s bra also pays homage to the series by having a dangling charm in … Continue reading Puella Magi Madoka Magica Lingerie

Yummy Mart Pokemon Lingerie Collection

Is everyone 18+ around here? Excellent stuff, this next post may be a bit much for the younger readers. Peach John is an apparel maker from Japan and one of their sister brands is YUMMY MART who have just announced that they’re going to be releasing a 5 piece Pokemon lingerie set. Yes that’s right…Pokemon lingerie. The models seen in these pictures (Risa Nakamura, Tomoco Nozaki … Continue reading Yummy Mart Pokemon Lingerie Collection

Bear Lingerie? Only In Japan!

Remember I ran a post about cat lingerie doing the rounds in Japan recently? It seems like more animals are jumping on the sexy lingerie bandwagon as now bear lingerie is a thing in Japan. The lingerie comes with five individual pieces and is called the “Kaizoku Kuma” or Pirate Bear outfit if you please. *Ahem* It’s very cute though with fangs on the top half, … Continue reading Bear Lingerie? Only In Japan!