Starbucks Reveal New Cherry Blossom Drinks

Sakura season is literally around the cornet for Japan. That beautiful time of the year when the Cherry Blossom go into bloom and decorate the Japanese landscape with a sea of pink, transforming everything into a dreamscape. So it’s a perfect time for Starbucks to reveal the annual tradition of the new Sakura themed drinks they’ll be offering.

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Christmas Drinks From Starbucks Japan

If it’s one thing that Japan does extremely well is theme for the occasion and Christmas is no exception. Starbucks Japan always releases holiday themed drinks whether it’s for Halloween, Spring or any other reason worth celebrating. And this instance, Starbucks have released some themed drinks which look and sound absolutely delicious! Feast your eyes on these Candied Pistachio and the Christmas Raspberry Mocha Frappucinos. How much does this … Continue reading Christmas Drinks From Starbucks Japan

Special Xmas Coke Bottles For Japan

Christmas in Japan is always a special time and 2016 looks set to be no different with the news that the Coca Cola Company will be joining in the festive spirit. They’re releasing special Coke bottles that have a removable label that ties itself into a very Xmas looking bow! To see this amazing trick in action, check out the video below: The bottles will … Continue reading Special Xmas Coke Bottles For Japan

Video Diary – Vending Machines In Japan

One thing that Japan has loads of are vending machines, primarily selling drinks but they also sell an assortment of different items as well. There are reported to be one vending machine per twenty people so they’re literally everywhere. One thing that fascinated me before I went to Japan for the first time was watching videos on YouTube of people using and videoing their experiences … Continue reading Video Diary – Vending Machines In Japan

Suntory Beer X Shinkansen Collaboration

Yep, time for another Japan collaboration. This time, it’s between alcohol manufacturer Suntory and the high speed rail train, the shinkansen. The collaboration will see twelve special edition cans adorned with artwork featuring different shinkansen with some iconic Japanese landscapes and scenery. Let’s see a breakdown of the cans below: Source: Rocket News Continue reading Suntory Beer X Shinkansen Collaboration

McDonalds’ Honey Lemon Shakes

Hmm, just the title alone makes my mouth water. In yet another bit of news that makes me envy McDonalds’ Japan comes an amazing new flavour of shakes. They’ve recently started a new line of treats called By McSweets and the first product to roll are Honey Lemon shakes. And before you ask, no they don’t taste like Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. The … Continue reading McDonalds’ Honey Lemon Shakes

Sakura Pepsi For Japan

Didn’t I just finish doing a post about the sometimes wacky and different food items and flavours that you can encounter in Japan? Well, here’s a new one…Sakura flavoured Pepsi. That’s right, cherry blossom flavoured Pepsi. We’ve seen Salty Watermelon, Pepsi Shiso, Pepsi Tropical and even Pepsi White but now it’s the turn of one of the most iconic sights in Japan, the Cherry Blossom. … Continue reading Sakura Pepsi For Japan

Lawson Convenience Stores Announce New Promotions

Lawson is a popular franchise of convenience stores in Japan and like most stores tend to run promotions from time to time. They recently announced a couple of new ones for the otaku public. First up, there’s the swimming anime, Free!, in which customers can buy 2 collaboration Calbee products in order to receive a snazzy poster which can be seen below.   You can also … Continue reading Lawson Convenience Stores Announce New Promotions