Interview: DVJ Kent (SIRO-A)

You may have seen the post from a little while back saying that Japanese visual artists SIRO-A were coming to Australia for a series of performances. They’ve been likened to the Blue Man Group for their amazing visual performances. For a taste of what they’re about, have a look at the clip below from America’s Got Talent: Absolutely mindblowingly good, right? Anyways, I was lucky … Continue reading Interview: DVJ Kent (SIRO-A)

Interview: Japanese Film Festival Program Coordinator, Margarett Cortez

The Japanese Film Festival is always a highly popular event on cinephiles’ calendar and it’s no small wonder why. The Festival always has a massive array of movies to showcase covering a vast variety of tastes and genres. We were fortunate enough to get some one on one time with the Program Coordinator, Margerett Cortez to discuss the history of the event, the secret behind … Continue reading Interview: Japanese Film Festival Program Coordinator, Margarett Cortez

Interview: Alyson Tabbitha (cosplayer)

I hope you’ve all had a chance to check out out Cosplayer Of The Month, the awesomely talented Alyson Tabbitha. Alyson was also nice enough to give us some of her time for the following interview! Japandaman: When did you first discover cosplay & what inspired you to start cosplaying yourself? Alyson Tabbitha: I learnt about cosplay by being obsessed with final fantasy and happening upon … Continue reading Interview: Alyson Tabbitha (cosplayer)

Interview – Vera Chimera (Cosplayer)

Following on from naming her as the Japandaman Cosplayer Of The Month, we now have our interview with Vera Chimera which she kindly agreed to. Vera’s done some stunning  cosplays from Tracer (Overwatch), Ada Wong (Resident Evil), Black Cat (Marvel), Katrina (League of Legends), Tifa (Final Fantasy) plus a whole swagload more! Japandaman: When did you first discover cosplay & what inspired you to start … Continue reading Interview – Vera Chimera (Cosplayer)

Interview: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

The J-Pop Harajuku Kawaii Amabassador, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is performing in Sydney, Australia on the 23rd of March as part of her current world tour. Japandaman HQ was lucky enough to snag a few minutes of her precious time for an interview which she graciously agreed to. Many thanks to Katey Smile for assistance with the questions, Handsome Tours and Angela Henley Publicity. Japandaman: Are … Continue reading Interview: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Interview – Hiroaki Yura (Project Phoenix)

During Japandaman and crew’s recent trip to Japan, we saw many cool stuff ranging from Tokyo Game Show to the many sights and sounds of Japan. However undoubtedly, the biggest highlight was reserved for the second last day when we managed to have some sit down time with an important guest. Project Phoenix marks Japan’s first foray into uncharted territory by being the first Kickstarter … Continue reading Interview – Hiroaki Yura (Project Phoenix)