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Death Note Author Writes Up New Manga

Exciting news from the manga world with the revelation that Death Note author Tsugumi Oba will be making a return to the printed world. Word is spreading that he’s currently working on a magazine special called Shukan Young Jump with the actual manga called Skip Yamada-kun. The magazine is celebrating its 35th anniversary which will be called “Jump” meets “Girl” SPECIAL COMIC. The magazine will be hitting the stores across Japan on the 8th of May also marking the first stand alone issue he’s writing.

skip yamada

Details are still very scarce but what we do know is that the story revolves around character Skip Yamada-kun and “will center on a junior high school student who “hates troublesome things” and always looks for the easy way out.”

Hmm, we’re wondering how the remote control in his hand will figure into the story?

Akihabara Street Ads – March 2014

Here’s a look at the ever changing landscape of Akihabara, the Ground Zero land for otakus around the world. This gives you a look at the current ads doing the rounds in various stores, window displays and billboards around Akiba for the month of March, 2014.

Crunchyroll Comes To PS Vita

If own a PS Vita, you’ll know how gorgeous the huge AMOLED screen is and how everything comes to life on it. Great news then with the release of the Crunchyroll app for the PS Vita for getting your anime and drama fix on the move. The app from the PSN in North America and South America as of writing but we have our fingers crossed that someone is announced for the Australia PSN…

crunchyroll vita


And here’s the official press release about it.

Crunchyroll premium members can now watch their favorite Anime and Asian drama video content on their PS Vita system. Crunchyroll’s streaming content service is also available on various game consoles, mobile devices, tablets, set-top boxes, connected TVs and more.


“Today, we are delighted to partner with PlayStation to bring Crunchyroll to the PS Vita system,” said Rupert Chen, VP of Engineering at Crunchyroll. “Our company strives to deliver the best quality content for Anime and Asian drama fans whenever and wherever.”


Chen believes that the PS Vita system is an especially suitable platform for Crunchyroll’s streaming content service. “It’s no secret that there is a strong crossover between Anime and gaming. We are pleased to give our audience another way to connect with their favorite shows on the go on a device that they already enjoy on a daily basis.”

Ghost In The Shell Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Hard to believe but cult classic series, Ghost in the Shell, is turning 25 this year. To celebrate the impact it’s had on the industry, a new site has opened up celebrating the series on its 25th anniversary. You can take a look at the site here.

gits 25 anniversary

There’s a few new releases from the GiTS universe, those being an eBook, slated for release on June 20th which will ship with the 3rd volume of the Arise – Sleepless Eye manga, 1 of Stand Alone Complex – Laughing Man and 6 and 7 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Tachikoma na Hibi.

gits 25 anniversary 2


gits 25 anniversary 3

Mysterious Death Note Anniversary Site Opens

Hard to believe but cult classic series, Death Note, is about to turn ten years old. To mark the event, Shueisha has launched a new Death Note teaser site with a cryptic that says, “If you touch this note, your memory will revive.”


There is a countdown timer as well which will finish at 12:00 (JST) on March 3rd, at which point something will be revealed to mark the 10th anniversary. What could it be? Any ideas, otakus?

Japan’s Latest Trend Sees Fanart Characters Trapped In Smartphones

Japan is an ever changing landscape of trends. What everyone is following one day may literally change overnight. One of the more unique trends to come around involves smartphones. Specifically, fans have taken to creating art of their favourite anime/game characters behaving as if they’re trapped behind the smartphone glass.

pixiv logo

Pixiv is a Japanese based art portal which is where these pics have come from. I’ve provided links where possible if you want to go and check out more of their amazing work.

Japan Spotlight – Looking At Manga Cafes

What we know as internet cafes are commonly called manga cafes in Japan. These are spaces where you can grab a coffee, grab some internet time, read manga for a fee and some even have cats that frolic around you as you grab some down time.

If you’re in the Gifu prefecture, you can hunt one down called Manga Kissa Hanako which for the outrageously great price of ¥450 provides you with an all you can eat buffet. If lunch is more your thing, you can grab a 2 hour lunch for ¥880.

If your taste buds are after something more though, then Pancake Conpara Cafe might be more your thing. It manages to put pancakes and a manga cafe into the mix and results ins something all unique. The pc’s are all in a separate section of the venue so you can happily eat away while checking your email.

All you cat lovers out there will love this next one. It’s a manga and cat cafe put together. This is a fancy 5 floor cafe and while manga cafe visitors can’t come into the cat cafe section however the manga from the cat cafe is allowed into the manga cafe part. The best part? The drinks are free.

Internet cafe on 1F~3F, cat cafe on 4F~5F

Anyone out there have any experiences with these type of cafes in Japan?

Akihabara Street Ads December 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these but some of these ads were too cute to pass up. That’s one of the things we love about Akihabara, the way it’s always changing and evolving and setting gaming trends. It literally feels like a part of Tokyo that is always breathing and alive.

Check out the gallery below but be warned…kawaii sensory overload!

Horror Comedy Manga Receives Anime Treatment

Fans of quirky manga, Pupipoh!, will be pleased to hear that an anime adaptation has been green lit. Pupipoh! is a different manga in that it straddles the comedy/horror line so the anime version should be quite interesting once it enters production. The anime will be airing on the TV Tokyo network, currently scheduled for a December 20th debut.


For those of you in the dark and in need of some schooling, the plot of the manga revolves around a fifth grade female student, Wakaba Himeji, who discovers she has a spiritual power in that it allows her to see things that are invisible to other people. It’s because of this ability that she finds herself as an outcast and at odds with her family and school peers. Everything changes when one day, on the side of the road she encounters a strange creature, pink in colour, chanting “Pupipoh!” After that day, everything changes in her life as she goes about her daily routine with her new pink friend.