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MadFest Brisbane ’18: Why it was the party of the Year!

I know I am jumping the gun by claiming that this event is the ‘Party of the Year’ in June, but that is exactly how I feel, and really still feeling. MadFest Brisbane 2018 has left the greatest impression on me. It was such an incredible convention that because I was so busy having fun, […]

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Detective Conan Escape Room For Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan are always bringing out new attractions for the people, from Attack On Titan, Harry Potter and heaps more eye opening experiences. Now they’re going to be releasing a series of attractions based on the hugely popular manga, Detective Conan. In fact, there’s three attractions coming to the theme park. One of them […]

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The madness continues….why MadFest Brisbane set the standard for anime conventions!

Make no mistake about it, MadFest Brisbane went off with a bang! I was fortunate enough this past weekend to attend the latest Madman Anime Festival in Brisbane and if I had to sum up the experience in one word: AWESOME! The vibe and atmosphere of the festival was like no other; fans old and […]

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Akihabara Flashmob

Now here’s how flashmobs go down in Akihabara. Nice, cute and orderly…just keep watching for the local police to show up and try to restore order 🙂

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ACMI Presents Essential Anime Heroines

If you’re short on having something to do in the lead up to Christmas, then check out the Essential Anime Heroines movie festival which kicked off yesterday at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Federation Square in Melbourne. There’s a great array of films up for selection with classic Ghibli fare My Neighbour Totoro, […]

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Madman Anime Festival 2016 Update

Just a reminder that the inaugural Madman Anime Festival is coming up in Melbourne from September 3rd to the 4th. And more importantly, tickets are now on sale! Here’s some info from their recent media release: Madman Anime Festival 2016 The Anime event of the year is coming to Melbourne | September 3 – 4 […]

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New Pokemon Centre For Tokyo Skytree

Anyone who’s ever gone to Japan and loves Pokemon would have checked out one of the many Pokemon Centres littered around the place. You can find some really cool exclusives in there plus they’re just really cute to visit as well.  There’s news of a new Pokemon Centre opening in Tokyo conveniently located in the […]

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New Attractions For Tokyo Disneyland & Sea

Just when you thought Tokyo Disneyland couldn’t get any bigger or better, reports are emerging that the House of Mickey will be receiving a few new attractions. The new features will be spread across both theme parks, Disneyland and Disney Sea. The new attractions coming are based around animated feature classic, Beauty and the Beast […]

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Supanova Melbourne 2015 Video Highlights

The weekend that just passed saw the commencement of the convention season for 2015 with Supanova rolling into Melbourne. Melbourne is the first of many stops for the Supanova train. Always attracting many Supa Star guests, this year was no different. From Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, George Takei from Star Trek, Charisma […]

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Studio Ghibli Souvenir Samples

Studio Ghibli is a much loved animation studio cranking out such beautiful classics as My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle and the Academy Award winning, Spirited Away. If you happen to visit Japan, then a visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum is a must. You’ll be able to see exclusive artwork and other treasures that […]