Japandaman’s Otaku Guide to Japan

Japan is a beautiful, mysterious and culturally enriching country with so much to see, do and eat! However, everyone who’s into anime, manga, cosplay, figures, videogames and more would know that Japan is the place to be to see some amazing things that feed these interests and more. In short, it’s OTAKU HEAVEN!

Akihabara at night. Photo by Matt Sainsbury ©2016

First time visitors to Japan will be keen to see everything and go everywhere and its incredibly easy to become overwhelmed with trying to plan places to go to and potentially missing something. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to try and put together this…Japandaman’s Otaku Guide to Japan!

I’ll show where to go and what you can expect to see there from North to South and everything in between. I’ll even be letting you know which time is the best time to go so you don’t miss out on certain activities!



More locales coming soon!