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George Clooney Stars In Kirin Beer Commercial

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday…George Clooney is starring in a Japanese ad for Kirin beer as we speak. Hollywood stars making some spare change overseas is nothing new but what does stand out about this short TV spot is Clooney’s ability to sound like Batman when he speaks with just one word.

Classy, right?

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Attack On Titan Live Action Movie Update

It was inevitable that hugely popular series, Attack on Titan, would be receiving a live action adaptation but who exactly will be filling in the shoes of the characters we all know and love?


The first bit of casting has leaked out pointing towards the casting of Japanese singer turned actor, Haruma Miura in the film. No word on who he’ll be playing but rumours are rife on the interwebs that he’ll be taking over the role of Eren.

miura haruma


Miura has previously starred in Bloody Monday, Samurai High School, Last Cinderella and is also a member of J-Pop boy band, Brash Brats. Filming looks set to take place at Hashima island otherwise known as Gunkanjima. It’s a long abandoned island in the area of Nagasaki.

Hashima Island


Hashima Island 2


If the island looks vaguely familiar, it was used in the James Bond film, Skyfall as the enemy stronghold.


Design A Weapon For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Now here’s a great contest that will get  a whole community excited. Capcom are currently holding a competition inviting gamers to design a weapon for the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS. And the winning entrant will see their design featured in the game, now that would be cool.

monster hunter 4

It can’t be a completely made up design as it needs to be based on one of the existing Sword & Shield, Dual Blades, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow, Insect Glaive, or Charge Blade weapon classes. If you think you have what it takes, email your entry to using the subject “MH4U WEAPON DESIGN.” You can also include a brief 100 word description of the designed weapon. The contest closes on May 5th so get cracking and may the best design win!

You can also check out the rules and terms of the competition as well.

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PS Vita Miku Commercial With Alodia

Alodia is a name well known to cosplayers around the world. Her works are amazing and she’s a great ambassador for the world of cosplay. Recently she’s been busy in Japan filming a new TV commercial for the PS Vita release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd which looks amazing. The game and the commercial. Have a look at the dancing commercial below.

shibuya night

Trailer For High Kick Angels

Here’s a great looking trailer for a new Japanese martial arts called High Kick Angels. The movie stars Kanon Miyahara, a young 17 year female old who in 2007 actually won the 7th All Japan Boys’ and Girls’ Karatedo Championships. Production duties are being handled by Fuyuhiko Nishi, who previously looked after High Kick Girl! (2009) and KG-Karate Girl (2011).  Seems to be a bit of a pattern here.

high kick angels

The flick will hit the Japanese cinemas on the 14th of June while video site Nico Nico Douga will be doing a pay per view stream of the film as well. The plot of the movie revolves around a group of girls who belong to a movie club who watch action movies and have a love for Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Inspired by the movies they watch, they head to a derelict school to make a film called “High Kick Angels” and instead end up encountering a number of men who storm the building. Finding themselves trapped, they take on the men in a battle. The tagline for the movie says it all: “Ever get your ass kicked by a high school girl?”


Attack On Titan Exhibition For Winter

A couple of days ago on April 4th saw an awesome new exhibition hit the Ueno Royal Museum. The latest exhibition will be featuring Attack on Titan, the hit series from Hajime Isayama. The event is part of the Winter 2014 line-up for the museum and there’s also a site that’s been launched for the occasion.

titan exhibit

The museum has various buildings, all of which will be employed in the use of the exhibit which will be using original art from Isayama. He had the following to say:  “So many programs are underway! The people who really want to feel sick, and those who want to get excited, Please have a good time!”

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New Trailer For Kamen Rider: Battride War II

A brand spanking new trailer has recently hit the interwebs for the latest game to feature the Kamen Rider universe, Kamen Rider: Battride War II. This game is a follow-up sequel to the first title which showed upon the PS3 last year in Japan.

The new trailer is quite generous with loads of action, in game cinematics and more Riders than you can poke a stick at! The game touches down in Japan for the PS3 and Wii U on the 26th of June.


New Trailer For Mobile Police Patlabor Live-Action Film Chapter 2

The Next Generation -Patlabor-, the live action movie, has released a trailer for the next chapter in the live action adaptation set for Japan. The second chapter will hold both the 2nd and 3rd episodes of the new series and features shots of the AV-98 Ingram in all its CGI glory.

The first installment containing episodes 0 and 1 will be hitting up Japan tomorrow on April 5th. This new chapter will be screening across Japanese cinemas on May 31st for 2 weeks only. Now that’s a limited run!

ssb wii u

Pikachu’s Thunder Attack From Super Smash Bros Wi U

Here’s a cool little image showing off the devastating thunder attack launched by Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U. The picture was posted online by the game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai.

pikachu attack


Here’s what Masahiro had to say about this new pic on Miiverse:

Pikachu’s Thunder now starts off with a thundercloud that deals a Meteor Smash! From left to right, you can see this combo starting with Pikachu throwing the opponent upward, Meteor Smashing with the lightning strike, and then directly attacking. Foes can dodge, of course, so the attack won’t hit consistently, but when it does, it sure feels good!

curtain call

New Four Minute Trailer For Theatrhythm Sequel

Square Enix are still putting the finishing touches on the rhythm based title for the 3DS, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, but a new 4 minute trailer was recently unveiled. There’s a ton of great and memorable tracks in there along with your favourite and new characters.

Did your favourite characters make the cut?

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