Review: Miss Hokusai (Blu-Ray)

Miss Hokusai is an absolutely beautiful slice of life drama from the 19th Century set during the Edo Period in what would come to be known as Tokyo. Production I.G have done a stellar job with this anime adaptation and crafted something quite beautiful with exquisite storytelling, music that captures the very essence of the time and artwork that is up with some of the … Continue reading Review: Miss Hokusai (Blu-Ray)


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Apologies for the lateness with this update but January 1st was a big day of rest…so much so that I didn’t start editing this until late at night! This vlog update shows us going back to Shibuya to check out a New Year’s Eve version of Hachiko who had a little friend on for show and then we head back to … Continue reading SHIBUYA & NEW YEAR’S EVE: J-VLOGGING DAY 10


After a very hectic first four days in Japan, we turn it down a notch and just stick to our local neighbourhood of Asakusa. We started off the day by having breakfast at Mister Donut at midday, paid a visit to the Asakusa Tourist Information Centre and then had a stroll down the Senso-Ji marketplace before reading our fortunes then checking out the local gardens … Continue reading ASAKUSA & SENSO-JI TEMPLE: J-VLOGGING 2016 DAY 5


Today we went to Tokyo Skytree to check out the amazing stores there…but really to try and find a Mimikyu plushie at the Pokemon Centre. (SPOILER: They were all sold out). We found an amazing Studio Ghibli store, had some lunch and heaps of other cool stuff. Oh, and towards the end, our camera broke 🙁 So that night we had to rush to Akihabara … Continue reading TOKYO SKYTREE: J-VLOGGING 2016 DAY 2


Welcome to the first J-Vlog update in this Japan trip for 2016! In this first update, it kicks off with us waiting for our flight to Japan at Melbourne Airport, some in-flight footage, landing at Narita and then some walking around our neighbourhood of Asakusa in search of some food and sweets! This one was a rush job as we’re completely tired from the flight … Continue reading FLY TO JAPAN AND FOOD!: J-VLOGGING 2016 DAY 1

Slow-mo dancing. In Japan.

Great clip filmed around Asakua, Akihabara, shibuya and other parts in Japan featuring the performance group, World Order. They’re being led by former martial artist Genki Sudo through the streets of Japan in a carefully choreographed slow motion routine. The routine itself isn’t difficult but what makes it better and raises the technical aspect just that little bit is the speed at which it was … Continue reading Slow-mo dancing. In Japan.

Obon ceremony shown off in Asakusa

Currently for this week in Japan, it’s Obon Week which means it’s time for dancing, festivals and for some Japanese people, vacation time and some well earned rest. And yes, there are spirits involved but not of the scary variety, these are spirits that are welcomed into people’s homes. Another part of the festivities is ohakamairi which translates to visiting loved one’s graves. It’s also … Continue reading Obon ceremony shown off in Asakusa

Themed Rickshaws For Asakusa & Akihabara

Lucky visitors to either Asakusa or Akihabara in Tokyo this past weekend would have been greeted by a unique sight. Rickshaws are not an uncommon sight in both places but this time the rickshaws had a special theme to them. Joshiraku  the manga that has received the anime conversion has teamed up with this method of transportation and had Joshiraku themed paraphernalia plastered on the rickshaws. Check … Continue reading Themed Rickshaws For Asakusa & Akihabara