Disney Receives A Japanese Touch

Now here’s something that looks absolutely beautiful. Chinese artist, STARshadowmagic, took it upon themselves to reimagine some of the Disney Princesses with gorgeous kimonos completely transforming the characters into something different and amazing to look at. Some of the characters aren’t Princesses but they’re still beautiful nonetheless. For more stunning art, check out the artist over on Pixiv and Twitter. Continue reading Disney Receives A Japanese Touch

Beauty And The Beast Themed Restaurant For Japan

Really excited when I heard about this…there’s a Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant newly opened in Japan which looks absolutely amazing! Situated in Yokohama, the cafe/restaurant has a beautiful provincial feel to it reminiscent of the visuals seen in the Disney classic animated movie. It’s proving to be extremely popular with both locals and visitors alike so far since opening in August, 2016. Here’s a … Continue reading Beauty And The Beast Themed Restaurant For Japan

K-Pop Takes Over Paris

A who’s who of the K-Pop world recently touched down in Paris for the recording of a special show, which took place two days ago, but will be broadcast on the 18th February. The following groups took part in the KBS Music Bank in Paris Special; Girls’ Generation, T-ara, 2PM, 4minute, B2ST, SHINee, SISTAR and U-KISS. European K-Pop fans waited for their idols at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle in their hundreds … Continue reading K-Pop Takes Over Paris

Asian Music Releases Start Early For 2012

This year has barely scratched the surface and there already a few Asian artists eager to get their releases out for 2012. First up we have T-ARA who are releasing their fifth album entitled, “Funky Town”, along with a music video for a song from the album called “Lovey Dovey”. The album will have 8 tracks which include the aforementioned “Lovey Dovey”, “We were in … Continue reading Asian Music Releases Start Early For 2012