Monster Hunter & Sailor Moon Team Up

Monster Hunter XX looks set to receive an amazing collaboration for those lucky gamers in Japan or anyone lucky enough to have a Japanese 3DS in their possession. Capcom have recently announced that Sailor Moon, celebrating its 25th anniversary, will be teaming up with the monster hunting series. The team up will consist of DLC that allows you to craft weapons and accessories for your … Continue reading Monster Hunter & Sailor Moon Team Up

Capcom Reveal TGS 16 Lineup

Capcom, another heavyweight developer unveils what they’ll be bringing to Tokyo Game Show 2016!   Monster Hunter Spirits (Arcade) – Playable Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) – Playable, Stage Event, Live Stream – Visit the theater booth to see the opening movie and a special video you won’t see elsewhere. Resident Evil 7: biohazard (PS4, PSVR, XBO, PC) – Playable (PS4, PSVR), Stage Event, Live Stream … Continue reading Capcom Reveal TGS 16 Lineup

Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

I’ve been playing Monster Hunter since the days of the Sony PSP and yet I’ve never being able to finish a single game in the series or even come close. I think it’s because I get frustrated with the difficulty curve and just end up giving up. I do really love the series but I think I’m more in love with what the series represents: … Continue reading Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

Resident Evil 20th Anniversary PS4 Edition

The Resident Evil series is my 2nd all-time favourite gaming series, right behind Metal Gear Solid. Capcom have just shown off these special limited edition PS4 units which look amazing! They were recently announced  by Sony on the Playstation Blog to mark the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil or Biohazard as it’s known in Japan. The PS4 models will have one of two art designs. … Continue reading Resident Evil 20th Anniversary PS4 Edition

New Trailer For Monster Hunter Generations

I’m a huge fan of the Monster Hunter series. I got into it with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G on the Sony PSP and while I’m not that good, I still buy each release that comes out. Recently Capcom released a new trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations game on the Nintendo 3DS. This entry into the series also heralds some changes to the … Continue reading New Trailer For Monster Hunter Generations