Samurai Captain America

Now this I’m really excited for! It’s the latest figure from Bandai in their Manga Reimagined series. They previously released both Spider-Man and Iron Man and now the newest figure to receive the samurai treatment is Captain America. I previously bought both superheroes in the series and I can’t wait for Cap to be released. It’s a bit of wait with the figure not shipping … Continue reading Samurai Captain America

Captain America/Iron Man Ramen Hits Japan

Looks like the latest entry into the MCU, Captain America: Civil War, is such a juggernaut of success that it’s spilled over into mainstream Japan as well. Ramen chain, Ippudo, teamed up with Marvel to release two special ramen bowls. One themed as Captain America and the other themed as Iron Man. They both look equally amazing and enticing so I guess the most important question … Continue reading Captain America/Iron Man Ramen Hits Japan

Civil War Trailer For Japan

One thing that always amuses me but I love at the same time, is how dramatic Japan seems to love their movies. Case in point is this trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, no new footage as such but check out the accompanying soundtrack in the trailer! That’s none other than Atsushi from popular group, EXILE lending his pipes to the track, “Someday I’m … Continue reading Civil War Trailer For Japan