Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Bonuses For Japan

Weren’t we just saying the other day about the cool stuff that Japan gets for otakus? Well, as if you need another reminder, we’re giving you one anyways. Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection collects the first 3 adventures of Phoenix Wright and puts them conveniently on a 3DS cartridge. Being originally DS games, they’ve been revamped with 3D vision and by pre-ordering at different outlets in Japan, … Continue reading Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Bonuses For Japan

Some Black Friday Sales Figures

So Black Friday has come and gone for another year and the pandemonium seems to be finally subsiding. Now we can see what actually sold like hotcakes as some sales figures begin to be released. Black Friday week saw 750,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold which should keep Microsoft happy however Sony still managed to  pull their weight with 525,000 PS3’s sold for the same time, … Continue reading Some Black Friday Sales Figures

Pokemon Black & White 2 Launches In Japan

Japan recently saw the launch for the massively awaited, Pokemon Black & White 2, across the land and to say there were long queues and happy gamers everywhere would be an understatement. It’s still a bit early for the official sales figures but based on pre-orders, we’re able to take a quick look at what Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are expecting. As of June … Continue reading Pokemon Black & White 2 Launches In Japan

Kingdom Hearts 3D Reporting Healthy Sales

Great news for Square Enix coming out of Japan with the news that Kingdom Hearts 3D has sold through 64% of its allocated stock in retail outlets across Japan. To be exact, the title has shifted 64.2% which equates to 213,579 units sold, nice. However the title hasn’t managed to reach the stellar heights of its predecessors like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the DS … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts 3D Reporting Healthy Sales

Pokemon + Nobunaga Commercials

Just a a couple of quick commercials being shown on Japanese television at the moment to advertise the Pokemon + Nobunaga crossover which is hitting the DS on March 17. Give them a look, there’s some pretty cool action going on. Most people will know what Pokemon are but for those who are unsure about Nobunaga, they’re a series of  turn-based grand strategy role-playing simulation console and handheld games, first … Continue reading Pokemon + Nobunaga Commercials

Ni No Kuni Nears Release Date

  Muchly anticpated title from two Japanese powerhouse, namely developer Level-5 and animation house Studio Ghibli, Ni no Kuni is one game that’s looking amazing. Seen last year at TGS and again this year, we may finally be nearing a release date for this game. Level-5 President, Akihiro Hino, spoke at a press conference held by Sony Computer Entertainment, recently where he announced that an … Continue reading Ni No Kuni Nears Release Date