Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Inbound?

Speculation¬†today that Kingdom Hearts may be receiving the HD overhaul which is proving to be the in thing to do these days. Talking to¬†Tetsuya Nomura, the series’ producer, mentioned how it was difficult attracting new fans and gamers to the KH fold as the game were pretty much released on last gen systems and therefore not striking a chord with the current generation of gamers … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts HD Collection Inbound?

Silent Hill to Receive HD

And the HD hits just keep on coming…following on from reported news yesterday of Resident Evil receiving the Hi-Def treatment, today I hear of another franchise receiving some HD loving as well. And yet, another survival horror franchise, because it wasn’t scary enough in normal definition, Silent Hill will be receiving a re-release in the form of the Silent Hill Collection. Konami have announced that … Continue reading Silent Hill to Receive HD

Popular Franchise Receives HD

A new announcement at Comic-Con today announcing that yet another franchise will be receiving the HD reboot treatment. We’ve already known for a while that both Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and and Metal Gear are receiving the treatment, well yesterday Capcom announced that both Code Veronica and RE4 are receiving the HD upgrade. Both games are equally deserving, none more so than RE4, for those … Continue reading Popular Franchise Receives HD