Japan Spotlight – Tashiro-jima (Cat Island)

Tashiro-jima is a small island off the mainland of Japan in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. It doesn’t have a large population, consisting of approximately 100 which is down from the 1000 that inhabited the island during the 50’s. One of the reasons the island is well known is for its other name – Cat Island. Tashiro-jima happens to have a large number of felines that … Continue reading Japan Spotlight – Tashiro-jima (Cat Island)

Japan Spotlight – Looking At Manga Cafes

What we know as internet cafes are commonly called manga cafes in Japan. These are spaces where you can grab a coffee, grab some internet time, read manga for a fee and some even have cats that frolic around you as you grab some down time. If you’re in the Gifu prefecture, you can hunt one down called¬†Manga Kissa Hanako¬†which for the outrageously great price … Continue reading Japan Spotlight – Looking At Manga Cafes

Japan Spotlight – Game Bar A Button

Melbourne and Brisbane both have the Mana Bar, a video game themed bar, that serve a purpose, draw crowds and have great drinks as the drawcard. Akihabara in Japan has the Game Bar A Button which every self respecting Otaku should visit while in Japan. It is tiny and extremely crammed and you’d be lucky to fit in more than 20 people! But take a … Continue reading Japan Spotlight – Game Bar A Button

Japan Spotlight – Akihabara

Any Otakus visiting Japan must go past Akihabara. I’ve been fortunate enough to have gone a few times during our two trips to Japan and I can vouch for the eye opening experience it is. The whole district is one big oasis for anything and everything relating to modern Japanese pop culture. There are literally endless shops filled with anime, manga, video games, J-Pop music … Continue reading Japan Spotlight – Akihabara