Tokyo Game Show 2017 Cosplay Showcase

Our favourite cosplay showcasers, Rescue The Princess, are at it again, this time bringing us a peek and the cosplay fun that went down at the TGS ’17. This time they also give us a peek into some of the amazing booths from TGS in particular, the Monster Hunter booth looked amazing with an amazing set up and attendants all decked out in some pretty … Continue reading Tokyo Game Show 2017 Cosplay Showcase

Flashback Friday: Buying A Train Ticket In Japan

Time for a late Flashback Friday update! One part I was always worried about before our first visit to Japan was navigating the public transport system. It does help that there’s a lot of English to help the tourists but just in case you still think it can’t be that easy, here’s a little video diary update that was filmed a few years ago. Continue reading Flashback Friday: Buying A Train Ticket In Japan

Japan/Australia Nintendo Switch Launch

Yes, it’s the 03/03/17 and while that may seem like just another date, it’s also the launch day for Nintendo’s latest home console, the Nintendo Switch! I was lucky enough to attend the launch in Melbourne which took place at Federation Square which was attended by many Nintendo fans eager to get their hands on the new console at the stroke of midnight. There was … Continue reading Japan/Australia Nintendo Switch Launch