MadFest Brisbane ’18: Why it was the party of the Year!

I know I am jumping the gun by claiming that this event is the ‘Party of the Year’ in June, but that is exactly how I feel, and really still feeling. MadFest Brisbane 2018 has left the greatest impression on me. It was such an incredible convention that because I was so busy having fun, I actually didn’t get much footage. I do have some … Continue reading MadFest Brisbane ’18: Why it was the party of the Year!

Brisbane, you’re about to get served!

BLACK BUTLER: BOOK OF THE ATLANTIC will premiere at MadFest Brisbane! Brisbane Black Butler fans, get excited! This June you are in for a sweet treat. Madman Entertainment will be premiering the brand new movie at their anime festival, MadFest. Brisbane fans will be the first in the country to see the movie which has been slated for June 11 at 5:30pm at the festival. … Continue reading Brisbane, you’re about to get served!

Going Mad For MadFest

I am going to start of my review and say: ‘Madman must be completely MAD!’ This past weekend we had the first ‘MadFest’ for 2017. For those who are unaware ‘Madman Entertainment’ in conjunction with ‘AnimeLab’ (the official anime streaming service for Madman’s Australia/New Zealand fans) held their second Madman Anime Festival; otherwise known as ‘MadFest’. The first one was held last September in Melbourne, … Continue reading Going Mad For MadFest