Japanese Summer Comes To Melbourne

A couple of weeks ago saw the return of the annual Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival at Docklands with public numbers swelling on a fantastic Summer day. The following description of the event is from the Facebook page which you can check out for the fun had on the day. The Summer Festival or “natsu matsuri” is an annual event throughout Japan and comes to life … Continue reading Japanese Summer Comes To Melbourne

Armageddon Expo Pictures – Day One

Japandaman has been VERY busy of late, so busy that I completely forgot to post pictures from the recent Armageddon Expo, I say recent but it was about four weeks ago now. A massive thank you to YouTube user, DarkMessiah24, for hooking Japandaman up with the pics from the day of the cosplay activity that goes on at these type of expos in Australia. This … Continue reading Armageddon Expo Pictures – Day One

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Shows Up In Melbourne

This past weekend on Saturday in downtown Melbourne, a curious sight greeted visitors to the streets in the CBD. Loads of people dressed up as Mario, Luigi and even a Baby Mario running through the streets and alleyways all in search of an elusive something. That something was a poster, as seen below, and the reason for it was a Gold Coin Rush all to … Continue reading New Super Mario Bros. 2 Shows Up In Melbourne

Oz Comic Con Wrap Up – Melbourne 30/06 & 01/07 ’12

This past weekend saw cosplayers turn up in their droves for the first, of hopefully many more, Oz Comic Cons in Melbourne. This is the first time that Oz Comic Con was staged in Melbourne and there were tons of special guests. None more so than Stan Lee himself, one of the creative forces behind Marvel Comics. Julie Benz from Dexter and the Buffy/Angel Universe … Continue reading Oz Comic Con Wrap Up – Melbourne 30/06 & 01/07 ’12

Japanese Festival – Melbourne, Box Hill

Two weekends ago in the leafy suburb of Melbourne called Box Hill, there was a wave of Japanophiles all converging to meet at the same place. The Japanese Festival had rolled again which saw the Japanese community of Melbourne put on various stands and displays dedicated to arts and crafts, sumo exhibitions and many more. Plus you can always count on delicious yummy Japanese delicacies … Continue reading Japanese Festival – Melbourne, Box Hill

Cosplay Takes Over Melbourne On The Weekend

This Saturday just past in Melbourne, the 5th of May, an event in Melbourne’s Federation Square was staged of epic proportions. An event bringing hundreds of people together in an attempt at breaking a world record for the highest number of people in one space dressed as video game characters. Called COSGAME 2012 – Largest Crowd Dressed as Video Game Characters, the event was co-ordinated … Continue reading Cosplay Takes Over Melbourne On The Weekend

Supanova 2012 Sunday 15/04

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo for 2012 in Melbourne, Australia continued on into Sunday, during the past weekend with what appeared to be an even bigger crowd than on Saturday. As usual, Melbourne put on a spectacular display with the fantastic weather ensuring that no one was kept away. The cosplayers were out in force and it was great to see new characters being represented … Continue reading Supanova 2012 Sunday 15/04

Supanova 2012 Saturday 14/04

Apologies for the late update but the photos have decided to play nice and let themselves be seen by the public at large at long last. Well, the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne, Australia, kicked off with a lonnng queue to buy tickets, must remember to pre-register next time, but it was worth it. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Supanova has been handled by … Continue reading Supanova 2012 Saturday 14/04

Japandaman Dailies Will Be @ Supanova

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo rolls into town this weekend and Japandaman Dailies will be there to cover the event for you. So make sure to check back over this weekend to check out the special guests, sights, cosplayers and just what goes on at one of the largest pop culture events that Australia hosts! We’ll be there from about midday onwards on both days … Continue reading Japandaman Dailies Will Be @ Supanova