Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

I’ve been playing Monster Hunter since the days of the Sony PSP and yet I’ve never being able to finish a single game in the series or even come close. I think it’s because I get frustrated with the difficulty curve and just end up giving up. I do really love the series but I think I’m more in love with what the series represents: … Continue reading Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

New Trailer For Monster Hunter Generations

I’m a huge fan of the Monster Hunter series. I got into it with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G on the Sony PSP and while I’m not that good, I still buy each release that comes out. Recently Capcom released a new trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations game on the Nintendo 3DS. This entry into the series also heralds some changes to the … Continue reading New Trailer For Monster Hunter Generations