Monster Hunter XX Headed For Japan

In case you missed it, there was another Nintendo Direct broadcast last night but not for the newly announced Nintendo Switch. This was for the hugely popular monster series, Monster Hunter. Specifically, a new game is headed for the Nintendo 3DS called Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) and it looks fricking awesome! The game comes wiht may enhancements including new Hunter Styles including the Brave … Continue reading Monster Hunter XX Headed For Japan

Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

I’ve been playing Monster Hunter since the days of the Sony PSP and yet I’ve never being able to finish a single game in the series or even come close. I think it’s because I get frustrated with the difficulty curve and just end up giving up. I do really love the series but I think I’m more in love with what the series represents: … Continue reading Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

Madoka Magica x Monster Hunter Frontier G Collaboration

Those adorable magical girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica just can’t seem to stay still for too long. News is emerging from Japan that they’ve teamed up with Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise in a new and exciting collaboration. The game in question is Monster Hunter Frontier G and some information has begun to leak out regarding the details, here’s what we know so far, but … Continue reading Madoka Magica x Monster Hunter Frontier G Collaboration

TGS ’14 Update: Capcom Shows Off Lineup

Here’s another massive prolific developer from Japan recently revealing their impressive lineup for the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show. Monster Hunter 4G Biohazard Revelations 2 Biohazard HD Remaster Gaist Crusher God Kiniki No Magna Bakumatsu Rock Ultra Soul The Great Ace Attorney That’s all they’ve announced so far and yes, they’re all handheld games which I’m a fan of but until more is known, here’s a … Continue reading TGS ’14 Update: Capcom Shows Off Lineup

Shred With A Monster Hunter Guitar

So you love Monster Hunter and have a penchant for shredding it up with an axe to some hardcore tunes? Now you can mix it up and cross both these interests with the news that Capcom have authorised ESP Guitars to release a Monster Hunter themed guitar. Taking inspiration from the Great Sword in the game, the Rathalos Firesword guitar will set you back ¥2,300,000 but check … Continue reading Shred With A Monster Hunter Guitar