Evangelion x Fist Of The North Star Parody

Sometimes collaborations go down in Japan that you know just can’t be real, this isn’t one of those examples. Evangelion and Fist of the North Star are meeting up together in a parody crossover event. There’s a spin on the Evangelion world where Shinji and his crew are re-imagined as gamers in a title called “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legend of the Piko-Piko Middle School Students” … Continue reading Evangelion x Fist Of The North Star Parody

Evangelion Licence Plates

It’s a fair statement to say that most of the anime storylines occur in Tokyo however one major series took place in the Kanagawa Prefecture. That series was Neon Genesis Evangelion. And the area that looks suspiciously like Tokyo-3 is Hakone. So commencing on March 25, citizens that have a registered vehicle will be able to attach an Evangelion themed licence plate to their car, … Continue reading Evangelion Licence Plates

Jewellery inspired by Evangelion

THE KISS is a Japanese based jewellery and accessories company who have been busy lately working with the Rebuild of Evangelion feature films who have recently released some fashion works for couples. They have used inspiration from the characters and the Eva units in the movies and released a range called, THE KISS COUPLE’S. Their latest effort shows off Evangelion 13 in the form of a … Continue reading Jewellery inspired by Evangelion

Evangelion Exhibition opens in Japan

Tokyo is currently host to a new exciting Evangelion exhibition. The event is being held at Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo with works on display totalling 1,300 and many original drawings form part of it. Aside from the original drawings there are also comic’s copy drawings created by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, model sheets and approximately 30 new and never before seen drawings from, “Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo”. The sales corner … Continue reading Evangelion Exhibition opens in Japan

Anime & Game Ads, Akihabara April 2013

Time to hit the streets of Akihabara and see which ads are doing the rounds and in circulation around the Mecca for Otakus worldwide. Judging by how much coverage we’ve been giving it, the latest thing to be found everywhere you look is Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo. Anime voice actress and singer, Yukari Tamura, has been hiting around town as well with her single, “Fantastic future” … Continue reading Anime & Game Ads, Akihabara April 2013

Evangelion sales woman spotted in Akihabara

In yet another reason why Akihabara is Ground Zero for Otaku heaven, recently a female sales assistant was spotted taking sales to a whole new level. Idol and character good store, Lammtarra Media World Akiba, also known for carrying ero items had a new way of attracting customers last week. It was all for the home release of Evangelion 3.33 where they utilised the services of … Continue reading Evangelion sales woman spotted in Akihabara