Trailer For High Kick Angels

Here’s a great looking trailer for a new Japanese martial arts called High Kick Angels. The movie stars Kanon Miyahara, a young 17 year female old who in 2007 actually won the 7th All Japan Boys’ and Girls’ Karatedo Championships. Production duties are being handled by Fuyuhiko Nishi, who previously looked after High Kick Girl! (2009) and KG-Karate Girl (2011).  Seems to be a bit of a pattern here. The flick will hit … Continue reading Trailer For High Kick Angels

Hatsune Miku Turns Into 3DCG For Trance Clip

Everyone’s favourite blue haired Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, has been given the 3D treatment for an appearance in a new trance music clip. Tripshots is a Japanese creator who is well known for his 3D models turned his skills to reproducing Hatsune Miku where he collaborated with Vocaloid trance song composer HSP(Hiroyuki ODA or Hanasoumen-P or Hiro Kanzaki). “gift nor art” – HSP&Tripshots ft. Hatsune Miku Music … Continue reading Hatsune Miku Turns Into 3DCG For Trance Clip