New Trailer Drops For Detective Pikachu

Warner Bros. have treated us to a brand new trailer for Detective Pikachu which shows some Pokémon we haven’t seen in the previous trailers. Gotta love Snorlax sleeping in the middle of the street in typical fashion. Have a look below and see if you can find the hidden Pokémon…

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Feline Pokemon Cosplay

Gacha capsule machines carry many varied items in Japan but this latest offering would have to be one of the cutest. Pokemon hats for your furry feline friends!

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Pokémon Show Up For Osaka 2025 World Expo

Nintendo have thrown some weight behind the race for Osaka to host the World Expo in 2025. There are a few contenders in the shortlist covering Yekaterinburg in Russia, Baku in Russia and Osaka. Osaka is quietly confident of its chances seeing as they previously hosted in 1970 and have the experience needed to host […]


Pokémon Games Headed to Switch

In probably the best bit of news over the last 24 hours, Nintendo have announced not one but TWO Pokémon games headed to the Nintendo Switch. Apart from the names being announced, Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee, they also dropped an amazing trailer for the titles which only gets better with each viewing. […]

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Pokemon Go Community Day

We received an email update today from the Pokemon Go team about an exciting new global event (yes, we still play it). Trainers, We’re incredibly excited to announce Pokémon GO Community Day–a monthly worldwide event dedicated to celebrate you, the Trainers in the Pokémon GO community. What is Pokémon GO Community Day? Pokémon GO Community […]

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Wait… Pikachu Can Speak ENGLISH??

Pokemon fans across the United States have taken to Twitter voicing their opinions on Pikachu’s unforseen monologue during the new Pokemon: I Choose You movie. Global News Director at Buzzfeed shared a video which perfectly captures (excuse the pun) the disgust and confusion we’re sure you’ll all feel when you first hear it too:   […]

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Pikachu Piggy Bank

Saving money can be hard at the best of times. Whether it’s for a new console or handheld of the latest game, we all have our hobbies that need feeding. Now saving money can be easier if not fun with this latest Pokemon themed piggy bank. Just how cute is this thing? Place your coin […]

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Swiss Pikachu Watch Sells For $20,000

Yep, you read that heading correct. Swiss watch maker, Romain Jerome, has decided to join in the Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebrations and release a limited edition Pikachu watch that has a retail price of US$20,000! It comes packaged with a very swish Moon Invader titanium case and black baseplate with a cool lightning engraving. Still…flipping expensive and only […]


New Anime For Pokemon Sun & Moon

The latest Pokemon Sun & Moon games release in Australia on November 18 which I really can’t wait for but even better, I hear that a new anime based on Pokemon Sun & Moon is in the works. Here’s your first look at the new anime which was shown during the Pokemon variety show, Gathering […]

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Pokemon Go Pikachu Cosplayer

Pokemon Go has well and truly gripped Japan now that it’s been launched over there and it hasn’t take long for the first PoGo influenced cosplay to make an appearance. Seen at the recent 2016 Summer Wonder Festival event in Chiba Prefecture was this cute Pikachu complete with sign above her head which shows the […]