Didn’t need that much CONvincing @CON_fessionals is a hit!

It’s finally here! The must anticipated Kickstarter project from writer/director Jon Christie ‘CONfessionals’ has released the first web episode online for fans. Now you must be wondering why I am so excited for this particularly web series, it is mainly because we are following the ‘lives’ of some of the best voices in the anime dub industry. The ‘mockumentary’ follows the lives of well known … Continue reading Didn’t need that much CONvincing @CON_fessionals is a hit!

Anime Rewind: Bokura Ga Ita

Late one evening I got extremely frustrated thinking ‘What articles could I possibly come up with for Japandaman?’ I was struggling to find my writing muse and I was somewhat getting tired of reading reviews of the latest anime that hasn’t even been out for three weeks. Already the ‘experts’ are chiming in claiming what we all should be and should not be watching. So … Continue reading Anime Rewind: Bokura Ga Ita

Finding your voice: ‘A Silent Voice’ film review

Today was an important day for an Australian anime fan, today was the day ‘A Silent Voice’ was finally released in cinemas all around Australia thanks to Madman Entertainment. The highly anticipated film from Kyoto Studios has been on the lips of many anime fans as this was the film we all wanted to see. The buzz the film received already from other parts of … Continue reading Finding your voice: ‘A Silent Voice’ film review

Review: Sword Art Online Extra Edition (Blu-Ray)

The latest Sword Art Online feature film is nearly upon us but until then, here’s a new release from Madman and Aniplex for anyone craving a walk through the early days of the SAO storyline. The events in this offering fall after season one but before season two and the GGO story arc and everything else that followed. It’s basically broken up into three different … Continue reading Review: Sword Art Online Extra Edition (Blu-Ray)

Review: G-Dragon “One Of A Kind”

G-Dragon, the eponymous leader of K-Pop super group, Bigbang, launches his second foray into solo territory with the release of, “One of a kind”, the first track released from his upcoming second album of the same name. The amazing new track plays host to a thumping hip hop bass line with a gritty rap tone giving the listener a new insight to G-Dragon’s creative mind. … Continue reading Review: G-Dragon “One Of A Kind”

Review: Bigbang ‘Still Alive’

It was only a few months back that Korean boyband, Bigbang, released their comeback EP, ‘Alive’. Well, now the boys have released the Special Edition of that same EP called ‘Still Alive’. So what are the differences? Is it better than Alive? Should you buy it? All these more and will be answered below. First of all, this new EP shares the same massive hits … Continue reading Review: Bigbang ‘Still Alive’