Last Week in Preorders

Starting with a Limited and Exclusive from Aniplex+, Megumi Katou from the really good anime ‘Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata’ is up for preorder. She is in a really classy pink kimono and definitely doesn’t look boring. Unfortunately Aniplex+ doesn’t ship to international customers for anyone keen for her will have to use a proxy or a forwarding service. Character: Megumi Katou Kimono ver. Series: Saenai … Continue reading Last Week in Preorders

Svelte Saber Alter Figure

I really like figures, figmas, nendoroids and the assorted variety but I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about them. But I do know what I like when I see it. Point in case is this gorgeous figure I just found on Sankaku Complex…the Saber Alter figure. This one coming from Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game. Look how amazingly stunning she is! Unfortunately, she … Continue reading Svelte Saber Alter Figure

Fate/Stay Night Trailer English Sub

Here’s a look at the trailer for the forthcoming reimagining of Fate/stay night with English subs. Studio ufotable is making all this possible and bringing the new anime to the small screen. The anime will be receiving a special launch screening in North America at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles, CA on September 28th.  For tickets, check out Continue reading Fate/Stay Night Trailer English Sub

Video Snippet From Fate/Stay Night Remake

Saber fans, you are on alert. Ufotable, behind the amazing Fate series, have shown a snippet of video from the forthcoming remake of Fate/Stay Night for 2014. Even better, it shows Saber in action against Lancer and it’s looking good. The video was recently shown off at the  Machi✩Asobi event which was held in Tokushima City where Ufotable are based. It’s only a blink and you’ll miss it … Continue reading Video Snippet From Fate/Stay Night Remake

Fate/Stay Night Dance Posters

If you happen to be in the Tokushima Prefecture between August 12 to 15, you’re going to be in for a treat. Every year between those dates, the Awa Odori (Dance) Festival is held. The area is also the hometown for Hikaru Kondo who serves as a producer for ufotable on many classic anime’s including the upcoming Fate/Stay night anime. ufotable are ones to always get into the theme of things … Continue reading Fate/Stay Night Dance Posters

Real Action Hero Saber Lily

Stop the press, this next bit of news got us all excited. We love Saber, on Fate/Stay, on Weiss Schwarz cards, figmas and nendoroids. But this next figure is completely amazing. Only just announced by Medicom, feast your eyes on the Real Action Hero version of Saber Lily. As you can imagine, something this awesome and detailed won’t come cheap and will be retailing for … Continue reading Real Action Hero Saber Lily

Pre-Orders Start For Fate/Extra CCC Saber Bride Figure

Figure otakus will love to get their hands on this next item which has just started taking pre-orders courtesy of Alphamax. Saber from Fate/Extra CCC video game in the Bride model. The figure stands at 22cm tall and is a 1/8 scale model is wearing a white ensemble that bears a striking appearance to a bride’s dress. Comes with impressive detail from chains secured around … Continue reading Pre-Orders Start For Fate/Extra CCC Saber Bride Figure