Monster Hunter & Sailor Moon Team Up

Monster Hunter XX looks set to receive an amazing collaboration for those lucky gamers in Japan or anyone lucky enough to have a Japanese 3DS in their possession. Capcom have recently announced that Sailor Moon, celebrating its 25th anniversary, will be teaming up with the monster hunting series. The team up will consist of DLC that allows you to craft weapons and accessories for your … Continue reading Monster Hunter & Sailor Moon Team Up

Sailor Moon Condoms? Why Not!

In a move to prevent the spread of STD’s and STI’s in Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare have formed a collaboration with Sailor Moon to help raise people’s awareness of chlamydia and HIV, syphilis and more. The campaign has also caught the eye of Naoko Takeuchi, the creator behind the Sailor Moon series and she’s given it her full support. 56,000 condom packs will be … Continue reading Sailor Moon Condoms? Why Not!

Sailor Moon The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album

Fabs of classic anime Sailor Moon are all chomping at the bit waiting for the anime revival that’s been a long time coming. Unfortunately, as recently disclosed, the wait is a bit longer as the show has been pushed back until Summer comes around. However, the celebrations for the 20th anniversary have received a push with the upcoming release of the “Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Memorial … Continue reading Sailor Moon The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute Album

Disney Does Princess Lingerie

We posted a piece recently about Sailor Moon lingerie being made available through the Premium Bandai online store. Now it seems that Disney has jumped into the fray with news that the House that Mickey built will also have their own lingerie line. Bellemaison‘s Disney Fantasy Shop, a Japanese retailer, has released a range of princess panties and bras. The princesses in question are Rapunzel, Cinderella, … Continue reading Disney Does Princess Lingerie

Sailor Moon Lingerie? That’s Right.

Premium Bandai keep cranking out the Sailor Moon merchandise and this time, it’s taken a turn towards the adult market. This is all part of the 20th anniversary for Sailor Moon, who has teamed up with Peach John, a successful Japanese brand. There are 4 different sets available for pre-order now. You can get a Sailor Moon Bra Set, Sailor Moon Panties, Sailor Moon Narikiri/Costume … Continue reading Sailor Moon Lingerie? That’s Right.

Sailor Moon Earphone Jacks

Here’s  a look at another cool otaku aspect from Japan, earphone jacks. These are used to plug in the earphone socket on your smartphone to stop dust and other particles entering. Like everything else in Japan though, there’s always a different way to do things, a cuter way. Bandai Premium have started producing these cool Sailor Moon earphone jacks and have opened pre-orders for these … Continue reading Sailor Moon Earphone Jacks

Which otaku wouldn’t want Sailor Moon chopsticks?

Another envy inspiring product is on the horizon from Premium Bandai which ties up with a well loved series. In commemoration of the new Sailor Moon anime (no news on that), they’ve released a new range of products called the “Pretty Guradian Sailor Moon DX My Hashi Collection.” What makes up this collection are three sets of chopsticks which draw inspiration from various weapons seen in … Continue reading Which otaku wouldn’t want Sailor Moon chopsticks?