Bravely Default sequel launches site

Still to come to the West but confirmed as happening, Bravely Default Flying Fairy for the 3DS is a unique and exciting experience for the Nintendo 3DS. Even better news is that a sequel has been earmarked as coming to Nintendo’s handheld. Carrying a title of Bravely Default: For the Sequel, the game promises to contain at least 100 improvements over the original. The full … Continue reading Bravely Default sequel launches site

Okami plans for Japan only

There were rumours flying around last week that popular fan favourite game, Okami, would be receiving a sequel or that something along those lines was in the works. The official Okami Twitter feed recently posted that it will definitely not be a sequel, however the official statement from Capcom is expected sometime this week. Christian Svensson, the¬†Capcom Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President, responded to … Continue reading Okami plans for Japan only