Site Opens For Etrian Odyssey IV

Mentioned at the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast was an exquisite looking game for the 3DS called Etrian Odyssey IV, well today the game’s official site opened today, courtesy of developer Atlus, as well as the launch of a development blog for the title. In the site you can check out system, character and introduction sections, later on there will also be information on character creation, … Continue reading Site Opens For Etrian Odyssey IV

Kingdom Hearts Site Receives Overhaul

Square Enix are pulling out all the stops for the 10th anniversary of theKingdom Hearts series with the portal site receiving a graphical overhaul recently. It also features a great section where all the games can be ordered by release date, a chronology of pivotal key points in the story and the order in which the story events actually occurred.     There’s also a … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts Site Receives Overhaul

New Site For Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix have unveiled a new look for the site to promote Final Fantasy XIII-2 which looks very cutesy with gorgeous Moogles all over the place. The site features a handwritten look for the text and offers a recap of the events of Final Fantasy XIII with a Moogle acting as your guide. There will character profiles, a calendar of events, a dictionary of game … Continue reading New Site For Final Fantasy XIII-2

New Playstation Social Site

Sony have thrown the doors open on their new social networking community site recently which is aimed directly at Playstation fans. Once registration on the site is complete, you’ll be abe to make new friends, send messages to other gamers, create your own groups, discover other gamers for your own game sessions and you’ll also be to personalise your very own page on the site. … Continue reading New Playstation Social Site

Square Enix Reveal New Surprise Site

Square Enix launched a new website today that is cryptic at best judging by the screenshot below. Have a look for yourself by jumping here and seeing what you make of it. Square Enix also released their own TGS booth map where “???” can be seen in the layout but what it means and whether it’s related to an announcement at TGS, remains to be … Continue reading Square Enix Reveal New Surprise Site