Who Wants A Soul Calibur V Stick?

Third party manufacturer, Hori, have taken the wraps off their specially themed arcade stick for upcoming brawler, Soul Calibur V. The stick is officially license and will be available for both Xbox 360 and PS3. Each stick will set you back ¥14,800.   The stick will go on sale opposite the game on February 2nd. Time to start checking with your favourite importer. Continue reading Who Wants A Soul Calibur V Stick?

Ezio In Soul Calibur V

Just confirming a recent rumour regarding Soul Calibur and the appearance of the mysterious assassin, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed fame. Namco have revealed that Ezio will indeed be a playable character in the next upcoming installment which is great news for the loyal AC fanbase. Ezio is a much loved character who will bring even more depth to the Soul Calibur universe. For a glimpse … Continue reading Ezio In Soul Calibur V

New Trailer For Soul Calibur V

New trailer released today at the Gamescom event in Germany of fantastic gameplay footage from Soul Calibur V. The trailer features old favourites such as Voldo and Ivy plus other characters like Hilde, Maxi and Tira. The trailer is incredible but I’m still reeling from the news that Hiroaki Yura will be the Music Supervisor for the Namco Bandai brawler. This game is going to … Continue reading New Trailer For Soul Calibur V

SC V Names Music Supervisor

Exciting news today from Japan regarding a hugely popular fighting franchise that just received a welcome coup. Music fans and soundtrack Otakus will be pleased to hear that Hiroaki Yura has been named the Music Supervisor of Namco’s upcoming fighter, Soul Calibur V. Hiroaki is no stranger to the music scene, being a violin virtuoso and the Director/Founder of the highly regarded Eminence Symphony Orchestra. … Continue reading SC V Names Music Supervisor