Starbucks Reveal New Cherry Blossom Drinks

Sakura season is literally around the cornet for Japan. That beautiful time of the year when the Cherry Blossom go into bloom and decorate the Japanese landscape with a sea of pink, transforming everything into a dreamscape. So it’s a perfect time for Starbucks to reveal the annual tradition of the new Sakura themed drinks they’ll be offering.

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Christmas Drinks From Starbucks Japan

If it’s one thing that Japan does extremely well is theme for the occasion and Christmas is no exception. Starbucks Japan always releases holiday themed drinks whether it’s for Halloween, Spring or any other reason worth celebrating. And this instance, Starbucks have released some themed drinks which look and sound absolutely delicious! Feast your eyes on these Candied Pistachio and the Christmas Raspberry Mocha Frappucinos. How much does this … Continue reading Christmas Drinks From Starbucks Japan

Starbucks Japan Introduces Matcha Pudding

Yes, not content with having some of the most exclusive yummy beverages on offer, Sakura Latte anyone?, Starbucks Japan have now upped the ante by introducing a new flavour to their menu: Matcha Pudding. This is all due to the new pudding collection which they introduced last year. Being that it was announced on April Fool’s Day, many locals thought that it was a hoax but … Continue reading Starbucks Japan Introduces Matcha Pudding

Yummy Treat For Starbucks Japan

I’m convinced that Japan gets all the yummy and delicious treats. From Pepsi Sakura to hot chill Kit Kats, there’s something to cater for all taste buds. Starbucks Japan is getting into the act with the announcement that they’re bringing back an amazing fusion of East meets West: Chocolate Brownie Matcha Frappuccinos. Green tea frappuccinos have been been around in Japan for the past 14 … Continue reading Yummy Treat For Starbucks Japan

Summer In Shibuya

We’ve been following Japanese blogger, Danny Choo‘s Summer in Japan series and now it’s time for another installment. This time the spotlight falls on the mecca that is shopping, Shibuya. With the world famous scramble crossing which is the busiest in the world to everyone’s favourite dog Hachiko to the epicentre trademark building, Shibuya 109, there’s something here for everyone. Best place in Shibuya in … Continue reading Summer In Shibuya