Kotobukiya Bishoujo “Street Fighter” Juri Figure

I’ll happily admit and put my hand up that I’ve become a bit of a Kotobukiya fanboy. Their range of figures never fails to impress me and I’m a huge fan of their bishoujo Freddy Vs. Jason figures. This one is no different, this time it’s Streetfighter protagonist, Juri. The figure isn’t due out until April 2015 but they’ve released some snaps which look absolutely … Continue reading Kotobukiya Bishoujo “Street Fighter” Juri Figure

Some Cool Bowing Streetfighter Characters

Here’s some cool little phone charm straps that are available in Japan in late July. The phone charms have various characters from the Streetfighter universe in a praying at your feet position. The characters are Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Guile, E. Honda, Blanka, and Zangief. You can see below what they look like and each one will retail for ¥300. Continue reading Some Cool Bowing Streetfighter Characters

Awesome Cosplay Fanfights For 2012

Yung Lee, who happens to be a video editor and special effects guru, asked random cosplayers to take part in an awesome project he’s been working on to produce the video below. All major games, animes and others are represented ranging from Streetfighter, Final Fantasy, One Piece, Naruto and heaps more! I wished to turn regular cosplayers into their own action stars by shooting, directing, … Continue reading Awesome Cosplay Fanfights For 2012

Hello Kitty Gets Street

I earlier mentioned the collaboration between Hello Kitty and J-Pop powerhouse, AKB48, today I can report of yet another Kitty hookup. Ready for this one? Hello Kitty meets Street Fighter! Hello Kitty’s owner, Sanrio, and Capcom have revealed at Comic-Con that they’ve just signed a partnership that will result in Hello Kitty/Streetfighter hybrids. What this means exactly is you’ll be able to buy plushies of … Continue reading Hello Kitty Gets Street