New Character For Free! Anime

Ahead of the second season of the swimming anime, Free!, the official site has announced some exciting news. While the second season will premiere in July, the anime has a new title, Free!-Eternal Summer,  and also a new character. The second season introduces new character Sosuke Yamazaki as the anime picks up the story after the swimming competition from the first season.  Continue reading New Character For Free! Anime

Trailer For Free! Anime 2nd Season

Here’s something that will get some people I know really happy. It’s a brief 15 second trailer for season 2 of the swimming anime, Free! The trailer was posted by Kyoto Animation on their YouTube channel. Like all good teaser videos, not much information is shown apart from the words at the end, “Ato Sukoshi”, which translate as “coming very soon,” while the voice over says, “Summer is … Continue reading Trailer For Free! Anime 2nd Season

Free! 2nd Season Officially Confirmed

Fans of swimming anime, Free!, can breathe a sigh of relief after months of speculation. The hit anime has been officially confirmed as coming back with a second season during a recent event in Japan.   Even cast members were surprised by the revelation as no announcement had been made during the day, the news breaking at the event during a night session. Any Free! … Continue reading Free! 2nd Season Officially Confirmed