Time for a fresh batch of commercials hot off the presses from Japan. In a country where advertising is everything, manufacturers need to do something to stand out from their competitors. These new commercials show just how they manage to do that. There’s a massive variety in this edition so be sure to take a look. Thanks again to YouTuber JPCMHD for compiling these ads! Continue reading JAPANESE COMMERCIALS, VOL. 17

36 Beautiful Ladies From Japan In Commercials

YouTuber JPCMHD is back with a brand new selection of Japanese TV commercials to check out. But apart from the usual awesomeness that’s put together, this time he’s also selected the 36 beautiful ladies that feature in these commercials. Everything from cosmetics, salad dressing, fruit drinks, ice cream, eye wear, Meiji products and loads more. Catch them all below! Continue reading 36 Beautiful Ladies From Japan In Commercials